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Silao, .. 01 March 2017. Run Your Tour was presented at the Guanajuato Bicentennial Park as the first tourist route in the country and third in the world that encourages and promotes sport, culture and tourism through tours. More information

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Presentan Run Your Tour en Guanajuato
The state government said that this initiative encourages and promotes sport, culture and tourism tours through the main destinations in Guanajuato. More information

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SILAO, Gto.- Learning and living culture through sport, es la meta de la marca ‘Run your tour’, pioneer in Mexico, which promotes tourist sites statewide, trotting. Jorge Luis Cabrejos, Director of Pubic Relations of the Ministry of Tourism presented the initiative along with José Ramírez and Luis Hernández, representantes de ‘Run your tour’. More information

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Promote destinations in Guanajuato with Run Your Tour


Contará Guanajuato con nueva experiencia para ‘runners’ extremos Guanajuato contará con la primera ruta turística del país y la tercera a nivel mundial que fomente el deporte, culture and tourism ... More information

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The mixture of sport and tourism, It became the combination to create entertaining business model, healthy and educational Run Your Tour. A tour where runners train well and do a physical activation known places of the city from a different perspective and approach to traditional guides. More information


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A runner, will be the guide through his hometown, sharing facts, history and anecdotes with participants. During the tour, runners visit the sights where they receive information and photos are taken. Nevertheless, Thats not all, The visits also include unknown treasures that only the locals know and hide. More information




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