Tour: Guanajuato Downtown

Points of interest

Guanajuato is historically and culturally one of the most important cities in the country. Together with the atmosphere emanated from its buildings of yesteryear, it envelopes its visitors with its "estudiantinas" that fill their squares and alleys with rejoicing. Its communication with underground streets and tunnels, make the state capital a unique attraction in the world. For its historical monuments and adjacent mines, Guanajuato is declared by UNESCO in December 1988 Wolrd Heritage Site. 1988 ..

Difficulty: Moderate / Intermediate / Intermediate
Distance: 5 Km / 8Km / 10 Km
Pace: 6-7 min/Km
Time Length: 1h:00m / 2h:00m (Aprox. Depending on your speed and stops.)
Tour dates: JU,VI,SA,DO 7:00 am, 9:00 am y 11:00 am
Private: LU a DO, desde 6:00 am
Prices: Collective $400 (Máx. 2 people.)/Private $600 (Máx. 3 people.)